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Co-Hosted by the National Space Society, the Planetary Society, the International Association of Space Entrepreneurs, and the Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum

Thursday, May 4th 2006 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel / LAX

The 2006 Space Venturing Forum promises to be the premier event for pertinent and open discussions regarding recent and future developments in space entrepreneurship.  Originally hosted on the campus of Caltech with entrepreneur Dennis Tito (the world’s first Space Tourist), the Space Venturing Forum moves into a new position this year as the opening day of the International Space Development Conference, held annually by the National Space Society.  Special Guest Speakers include Elon Musk, Chairman of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), and Burt Rutan, creator of the Ansari X PRIZE-winning SpaceShip One.  A range of highly regarded executives from the ranks of large aerospace corporations, startups, and industry groups are scheduled to participate.
Sponsorship and exhibit space is still available: Please click here for more information.

Thursday, May 4th 2006

Online Registration for the 2006 Space Venturing Forum is now closed

  7:30AM       Check-in/Registration Table Open

  9:00AM       Conference Kickoff by Charles Elachi, Director of JPL (bio)

10:00AM       Welcome & Presentation by Don Knabe, Los Angeles County Supervisor (bio)

10:15AM       Opening Presentation by Elon Musk, President, Space Exploration Technologies (bio)
11:00AM       Space Business Entrepreneurs

                     Focusing on the key topics of the entrepreneurial process, this segment will be moderated 
                     by Guillermo Söhnlein, the Founding Director and Chairman of the International  
                     Association of Space Entrepreneurs. (bio)

                     Featured speakers include:
                     - Bill Collins, Managing Director, Starboard Venture Partners (bio)        
                     - Jeff Greason, President, XCOR Aerospace (bio)
                     - Lon Levin, President, SkySevenVentures (bio)
                     - Ed Tuck, Principal, Falcon Fund (bio)

12 :00 Noon  Luncheon Keynote delivered by Burt Rutan, Founder and President of Scaled
                     Composites (bio)

1:30PM         The Big World of the Prime Contractors

                     The viability of new space ventures has created a new, interesting dynamic in the larger 
                     space industry.  Prime contractors have for years enjoyed little or no competition in their
                     space-related businesses.  However, with the entrance of new ventures, the business
                     model for the primes is gradually changing.  Within this new industry dynamic, prime
                     contractors might even tually need to partner, collaborate, or directly compete with
                     newer space ventures.  This segment will address this new dynamic with key executives
                     from Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman. Kathleen Allen, Director of the
                     USC Marshall Center for Technology Commercialization, will moderate. (bio)

                     Featured speakers include:
                     - John Elbon, Vice President and Program Manager, Constellation, Boeing (bio)             
                     - Art Stephenson, Sector Vice President, Space Exploration Systems, Northrop Grumman
                     -John Stevens, Director, Space Exploration Architecture Studies, Lockheed Martin (bio)

2:30PM         Next-Generation Satellite Opportunities

                     New space ventures are transforming many aspects of the broader space industry. With
                     the development of new technologies, new launch options, and novel new applications,
                     next-generation satellites are poised to transform our notion of the satellite industry.This
                     panel will be moderated by Alexandra Barnett, Executive Director & CEO of the Chabot
                     Space and Science Center. (bio
                     Featured speakers include:
                     - Dr. Siegfried Janson, Senior Scientist, Micro/Nano Technology Department, The
                       Aerospace Corporation (bio)     
                     - Brian McClendon, Engineering Dir ector for Google Earth, Google Maps, and SketchUp  
                     - Robert Twiggs, Professor and Director, Space Systems Development Laboratory,
                       Stanford University (bio)

3:30PM         SpaceShipTwo:  Virgin Galactic Spacelines 

                     With dozens of ticket deposits and the only proven, private spacecraft design, Virgin
                     Galactic is positioned to become the leader in the new Space Tourism market. This 
                     segment will focus on recent developments and future plans.

                     Featured speakers include:
                     - Stephen Attenborough, Vice President of Astronaut Relations, Virgin Galactic (bio)
                     - Alex Tai, Director of Operations, Virgin Galactic (bio)
                     -Will Whitehorn, President, Virgin Galactic (bio)

4:30PM         Space Tourism – Only the Beginning

                     With the success of SpaceShipOne, the founding of the Spaceship Company, and the
                     growing viability of Space Adventures, Space Tourism may be closer to mainstream reality
                     than we can imagine. This segment, moderated by John Spencer, President of the Space
                     Tourism Society (bio), will explore recent developments in Space Tourism.

                     Featured speakers include:
                     - Amir Ansari, Co-founder and Partner, Prodea Inc.(bio)
                     - Rick Homans, New Mexico Secretary of Economic Development (bio)
                     - Patricia Grace Smith, Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation,
                       FAA (bio)

5:30PM         Networking Reception

6:30PM         The 2006 ORBIT Awards hosted by the Space Tourism Society
                     (Separate ticket required)

Space Venturing Forum Contact Information:
Executive Producer, David Knight (bio) / [email protected]
Program Producer, Amaresh Kollipara (bio) / [email protected]


The Space Venturing Forum is a business attire event.

- Registrants for ISDC do not need to register additionally for the Space Venturing Forum. However, tickets to the luncheon keynote (Burt Rutan) must be purchased separately.

- Registrants for the Space Venturing Forum are not registered for the Friday-Sunday sessions of ISDC.  This registration will need to be purchased separately.