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Orbit Awards Dinner

NSS is pleased to partner with the Space Tourism Society to present the 2006 ORBIT Awards Dinner on the opening night of ISDC, Thursday, May 4.  This star-studded celebration of personal spaceflight comes at a time of great progress for the industry.  Spaceports are being announced around the world, while well-financed teams build real commercial spacecraft.  Join us at this exciting moment as we celebrate this progress with the leaders of space tourism.

For more details regarding the ORBIT Awards please visit our co-sponsor:  Space Tourism Society

Click here for Sponsorship Opportunities for the ORBIT Awards! (pdf)

Dress code for the 2006 Orbit Awards dinner is business attire, semi-formal optional.

Just Announced:  Amir Ansari, of the Ansari X PRIZE, has confirmed to attend the ORBIT Awards.

Confirmed Honored Guests:

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronaut and Chairman, ShareSpace Foundation
Burt Rutan, designer, SpaceShipOne
Dennis Tito, the first space tourist, who launched to ISS in 2001
Gregory Olsen, the latest spaceflight participant, who launched to ISS in 2005
Hugh Downs, Chairman NSS Board of Governors
Peter Diamandis, Chairman, X Prize Foundation
Will Whitehorn, President, Virgin Galactic
Eric Anderson , CEO, Space Adventures
Noah McMahon, Zero Gravity Corporation
Shana Dale, Deputy Administrator, NASA
Brian Chase, Assistant Administrator, NASA
Rick Homans, Secretary of Economic Development, State of New Mexico
Rick Searfoss, Shuttle astronaut, XCOR test pilot, Rocket Racing League pilot