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ISDC 2006 Speakers

Confirmed Featured Speakers and Special Guests

Buzz Aldrin

Lunar module pilot for Apollo 11 and former Chairman of the NSS Board of Governors

Burt Rutan

President of Scaled Composites and designer of SpaceShipOne

Shana Dale

Deputy Administrator, NASA

Charles Elachi
Director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and VP of the California Inst. of Tech.

Dennis Tito
The first space tourist. Tito spent a week at the International Space Station

Elon Musk

President, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation;
Founder, PayPal

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Astrophysicist, Author,
Director of
Hayden Planetarium

Brian Chase

Assistant Administrator for Legislative Affairs, NASA

Bill Nye
The Science Guy.  Scientist, engineer, communicator, comedian, and author

Robert Manning
Flight System Chief Engineer
 Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Gregory Olsen
The worlds third spaceflight participant on a 10 day mission to the International Space Station

Pascal Lee, Ph.D.
 Mars Institute, SETI Institute & NASA Ames Research Center

      Peter Diamandis
Founder, X PRIZE Foundation; Zero Gravity Corporation; Rocket Racing League, ISU

Robert  L. Curbeam, Jr.

 NASA Astronaut and Safety Branch Chief

Chris McKay
Planetary scientist and Astrobiology researcher at NASA Ames Research Center

Hugh Downs
Chairman of the NSS Board of Governors and legendary broadcaster and author

Rusty Schweickart

Lunar module pilot for Apollo 9 and Chairman, B612 Foundation

Rick Homans
New Mexico's Secretary of Economic Development; Leader in formation of NM Spaceport

Bruce Murray
Professor of Planetary Science at the California Institute of Technology, Founder of The Planetary Society

Louis D. Friedman
Executive Director, Founder of The Planetary Society

George T. Whitesides
 Executive Director of the National Space Society

William "Red" Whittaker

Professor of Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University

Eric Anderson
President and CEO of Space Adventures, Ltd.

General Simon 'Pete' Worden
Director, NASA Ames 

Art Stephenson
Sector Vice President, Space Exploration Systems, Northrop Grumman

Art Dula
Pioneering Space Lawyer, Heinlein Prize Trust Trustee

Dr. Slava G. Turyshev
   Astrophysics and Gravitation Research Group, NASA, JPL

Michael Okuda
Member of the technical and artistic team for the Star Trek movie and television series and the author of numerous publications on the Star Trek phenomenon

Don Yeomans
Senior Research Scientist, Supervisor for the Solar System Dynamics Group, and Manager of NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office

Seth Shostak

SETI Institute Senior Astronomer and author of several books on extraterrestrial life

John Mankins
Former Manager of Advance Concepts Studies for
NASA and author of several books on Space Solar Power

G. Scott Hubbard
Former Director of NASA Ames Research Center; Carl Sagan Chair at the SETI Institute

Hildreth (Hal) Walker Jr.
Board Chairman African-American Male Achievers Network, Inc. International Science Discovery and Learning Center

Dr. Augustine O. Esogbue
Professor Georgia Institute of Technology and member of The National Society of Black Engineers Advisory Board

Rick N. Tumlinson
Co-Founder of Space Frontier Foundation
Author of “Return To The Moon”

Lori Garver

Former Associate Administrator for Policy and Plans at NASA

David Brody
Director of Multimedia
 Imaginova Corporation

Anthony Duignan-Cabrera
Managing Editor and Editor of Ad Astra

Tim Pickens  
President of Orion Propulsion,
former X Prize team leader

Robert Zubrin

President of the Mars Society

Rocky Persaud
President IPX Entertainment and Founder of the first Zero Gravity  sports league

Jerry Heneghan

CEO of Virtual Heroes and Executive Producer, America's Army Game Project

Will Whitehorn
President, Virgin Galactic

Alex Tai

 Director of Operations, Virgin Galactic

Stephen Attenborough
 VP of Astronaut Relations, Virgin Galactic

Noah McMahon
Chief Marketing Officer
Zero Gravity Corporation

Rick Searfoss
Space Shuttle Commander, XCOR test pilot, and Rocket Racing League inaugural pilot

Kathleen Allen
Director of the USC Marshall Center for Technology Commercialization

Patricia Grace Smith
 Associate Administrator for Commercial Space  Transportation


Bob Pappalardo

 University of Colorado Planetary Scientist, Europa specialist

Alexandra “Alex” Barnett
Executive Director and CEO of the Chabot Space and Science Center

  Klaus Heiss
Space Consultant and Economist

John Spencer
President, Space Tourism Society

Barbara Marx Hubbard
  Social innovator, futurist and President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Angela Diaz

Acting Assistant Administrator for Education, NASA

Rick Sternbach
A space illustrator of books, magazines, movies, television including the Star Trek television series

Bradley C. Edwards Ph.D.

Physicist and lead developer of the Space Elevator concept

Guillermo Söhnlein
Entrepreneur with experience in space, technology, education, and law

Michael Simpson
President of the International Space University

John Connolly
Manager, Lunar Lander Pre-Project, NASA

John Elbon
Vice President and Program Manager, Constellation, Boeing

Narendra Bhandari
 Planetary Scientist, President
 International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG)

Ed Stone
 Former JPL Director, Voyager Project Scientist, Voyager Interstellar Mission

Carl Mack
Executive Director of The National Society of Black Engineers