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Conference Theme: "Exploring New Worlds"

Much can change in a quarter century. Twenty-five years ago, the first Space Shuttle was being readied for its maiden flight, Voyager 1 hurtled toward Saturn and preparations were underway in Los Angeles for the first annual International Space Development Conference.

Twenty-five years later, NASA is planning human expeditions to the Moon and Mars, private space tourism is a reality, and the National Space Society and The Planetary Society proudly announce ISDC's return to the City of Angels promising a 'star-studded' experience you won't want to miss!

From May 4 to May 7, ISDC 2006 will take place at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles - right in the heart of the new space entrepreneurial movement. Southern California is home to the X Prize Foundation, Scaled Composites, SpaceX, Sea Launch, SpaceDev and XCOR Aerospace, just to name a few.

The dates are fortuitous: May 4 is Space Day , a nationwide space education event. The week also marks the 5th anniversary of Dennis Tito's historic private expedition to the International Space Station as the world's first-ever space tourist.

Co-hosted by The Planetary Society, ISDC 2006 promises to be the biggest, all-encompassing space advocacy event ever!

Here's a preview of what lies in store:

  • Gala Celebration of the dawn of Space Tourism, on Thursday night, produced in partnership with the Space Tourism Society. All three space tourists, Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttleworth, and Greg Olsen, will be invited to attend, as well space tourism entrepreneurs.
  • Day-long Space Venture Forum, held in cooperation with the Venture Forum. This special event will bring together top leaders from venture capital, internet business, space entrepreneurs and media to discuss the future of the industry.


  • Tour of the future Mojave Spaceport 
  • Special screenings of the all-time top space films
  • Upscale hotel accommodations, centrally located and reasonably priced
  • And much, much more!

Space exploration is undergoing a renaissance, with NASA and other international space agencies heading back to the Moon and on to Mars, and private companies breaking down barriers to citizen space travel and participation. At this amazing moment on the cusp of a new century, we are embarking on a new era of Exploring Together!

ISDC 06 will bring together the pioneers who are building this new world of space. You'll hear from the people who are designing the future today.

The public is becoming engaged in space in fundamentally new ways. Via the Internet, you can download the latest pictures from Mars at the same time as scientists around the world. Real time space exploring -- virtual space exploration -- is a new reality. Personal spaceflight is just around the corner, with space entrepreneurs preparing to sell tickets on entirely new fleets of vehicles.

A sustainable space future will require a healthy relationship between private and government efforts. Infrastructure must be built, new spacecraft designed, and new habitats for extended stays developed. Equally important is sustaining public support and providing value by creating benefits that improve life on Earth, and promoting awareness of those benefits. It is an exciting vision, and it is happening now.

Join us in Los Angeles this May for a conference that will capture the excitement of this new era in space, ignite your inspiration, introduce you to spaceflight's new leaders, and give you the latest news and sneak previews direct from the frontier.