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The National Space Society and The Planetary Society thank all participants in this year's conference!  With over 1300 registered participants, it was the largest ISDC ever! 

Conference Schedule Posted Here

Conference Highlights Posted Here

Presenting Sponsor:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

More conference sponsors

Featured Speakers:

Buzz Aldrin
Apollo astronaut

Shana Dale
Deputy Administrator, NASA

Burt Rutan
Designer, X Prize winning SpaceShipOne

Bill Nye
The original 'Science Guy'

Elon Musk
President, Space Exploration Technologies

Peter Diamandis
Founder and Chairman, X PRIZE Foundation

Rusty Schweickart
Apollo astronaut

Dennis Tito
The first space tourist

Gregory Olsen
3rd private citizen to visit ISS

Charles Elachi
Director, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Director, Hayden Planetarium

Latest Programming Announcements!

ISDC 2006 featured dozens of presentations, panel discussions, interactive exhibits and activities spanning the entire spectrum of space-related issues: exploration, tourism, science, technology, policy, and commerce.

Gen. Pete Worden, the new Director of NASA Ames, will give the closing luncheon talk on Sunday, May 7!

NEW Interactive Yahoo! Group Added: This group is for discussions related to ISDC 2006 including  hosting out-of-town visitors or sharing rooms at the Sheraton Gateway (the conference hotel) or other hotels in the Los Angeles area during the ISDC. Click Here to Join the Group!

Deadline extended for submission of Papers to March 15. Speakers wishing to submit can
(Form closed) for information.

Special Events

Space Venturing Forum comes to ISDC!  Now in its third year and begun with Caltech and MIT, the Forum will bring together senior business leaders from all sectors of space.  CLICK HERE for information.

Space Tourists Dennis Tito and Greg Olsen will be featured at the ORBIT Awards!

You are invited to a Star Party hosted by the Mt. Wilson Observers Association!
Click Here for more information.

The National Society of Black Engineers is proud to announce an African Americans in Space Mini-Conference. Please Click Here for more information on this first of it's kind event!

Check back often for the latest ISDC updates and please contact us if you have any questions about the conference. We look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles May 4-7.